Polka Dotted Lemons - Wetbag

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Large wetbag with black polka dots and yellow lemons. Wetbag is constructed with two layers of fabric: durable cotton canvas on the outside and PUL fabric on the inside. PUL is a water-resistant yet breathable fabric.

Wetbags are used to contain and carry home soiled cloths/linen. If using cloth diapers and wipes, this wetbag would be the perfect size for it. It can comfortably fit three cloth diapers.  Wetbags are also handy when taking home wet clothes/swimsuits. Simply throw into the wetbag for easy and hassle-free messes. Handle on the side makes carrying this around easier. You can also roll it up when not it use and snap the handle around to keep it small and contained.

Approximately 11"x11"