Resparked Thoughts

  • Old Vision, New Vision, Same Mission

    When I first started Resparked Designs, my vision was to take old fabric and remake them into something new.  I was pretty much broke when I started sewing, so this meant going to thrift stores to source fabrics and materials then experimenting with my sewing machine when I got home. I took old bedsheets, shower curtains, pillow cases, and took them apart to make them into something new - essentially resparking new life back into something unused. That's when my vision of Resparked Designs was born. 

    I started Resparked Designs in 2017. It grew traction fairly quickly for initially being a hobby I did at nights in my dining room. Soon, I had enough business to sustain myself and my family but not nearly enough time. Because of this I was, in a way, stuck. I kept making my same products the same way because I lacked time and mental energy to redesign and envision my initial goal.

    I was buying new fabric to make reusable items which was well received. But I missed the joy of thrifting and sourcing vintage fabrics to sew with. I missed making other products like bags, fabric bowls, and home decor.

    In 2021, I finally decided to take a break. I took a step back and allowed myself to focus on things that made me happy. It meant putting my successful small business on hold. But it also meant having TIME. I wrote. I exercised. I played with my kids. I still sewed, but only for myself and mostly all handmade clothes. And in between all of that, I was able to create and envision once again.

    Now, I want to take that old dream of mine, breathe some new life back into it, and relaunch Resparked Designs. I believer do-overs are a part of life. We can take something old and remake it into something new and beautiful and wonderful. This rebirth and restart is something we should be doing in pivotal moments of our lives. And I believe this is also the essence of Resparked Designs.

    Please be patient with me as I sell off my old stock and make space for my new designs. I can't wait to share my new items with you all.


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