Smiley Faces - Kitchen Dishcloths

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Dishcloths with smiley faces fabric on one side and waffle knit fabric on the other. Purchase them in a set of 2 or 4 with an option to add a canvas fabric container.

Our kitchen dishcloths are a great heavy duty alternative with one side serving as a good scrubber and the other side serving a clean minimal look that can also wipe away everyday messes. These two fabrics together provide quality liquid absorption to mop away spills.



Each dishcloth is approximately 12"x10". Fabrics have been prewashed but may still shrink slightly after the first few washes, but they will generally keep their shape. Top jersey fabric has been sourced from fabric remnants. 

Resparked Designs aims to give old fabrics a new life while also offering eco friendly choices in products. Because of this, upcycled fabrics may have some discoloration or fading but were still chosen because of their great condition.