Vintage Red Hearts - Upcycled Fabric Wallet

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Vintage Red Hearts fabric wallet with plastic snap. Outside vintage fabric is a muted red with hearts. Inside fabric has a complementary print of pink strawberries. 

This product is great for keeping business cards, credit cards, or cash/coins in! You can also use it to organize cords floating around in your bag/purse - use it to keep your headphones and/or phone chargers from getting tangled. 



Approximately 4.6" x 3"

Outside fabric is made from upcycled vintage fabric while inside fabric is made from fabric remnants. Interfacing on inside for durability. This snap pouch is sturdy yet bendable.

Resparked Designs strives to make products to encourage sustainability and to promote reducing waste. This means also reducing our own textile waste when making our items. We do this by using upcycled fabric for some of our products. Upcycled fabric is often sourced from thrifted fabric goods, vintage fabrics, and/or fabric remnants. Thank you for your support!