Lemons - Mini Tote

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Lemons Mini Tote Bag - this bag is great as a craft bag, lunch bag, or an all-around go-to purse to throw extra things in when you're on the go.

Outside white with lemon print is duck canvas and inside fabric is plain muslin cotton. It is lined with fleece to make it sturdy and to help it hold its shape. Bag is still easily bendable. It also has boxed bottom corners so it can easily fit bigger/wider items.


Approximately 12" W x 9" H (without handles).

Handles approximately 7"

Resparked Designs strives to make products to encourage sustainability and to promote reducing waste. This means also reducing our own textile waste when making our items. We do this by using upcycled fabric for some of our products. Upcycled fabric is often sourced from thrifted fabric goods as well as vintage fabrics. Thank you for your support!