Purple Flowers | ReMade Cloth Napkins

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The ReMade Collection is a collection of products made from upcycled or vintage fabrics. Resparked Designs aims to give old fabrics a new life while also offering eco friendly choices in products.


Choose from either a Half Set (4-count) or Full Set (8-count). Both sides have the purple floral design. These cotton napkins are great for everyday use around the house as a way to skip buying disposable, one-time use napkins.

Napkins have been hand turned and top stitched to ensure there is no fraying. Fabric has been sourced from upcycled material. Because of the nature of upcycled products, please note there may be some discoloration and fading in some spots.


Approximately 8.5" x 8.5"
Napkins are snack-sized in order to mimic the size and convenience of disposable napkins. Each napkin will have slight varying design from the next.