Pink Floral - Hankie Jar

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Hankie Jar - Includes glass jar, a specially designed cloth lid, and a set of 15 flannel hankies.

The Hankie Jar is a great alternative to single use tissue boxes. Instead of throwing them away, you rewash and reuse! Each Hankie Jar comfortably fits 15 - 20 reusable hankies. This product comes with 15 flannel hankies. You can fit more, but the fuller it is (20+ flannel hankies), the harder it may be to pull hankies out of the jar.

The jar is clear. Cloth lid is an oatmeal-colored linen. It has been specially designed to help contain the flannel hankies while also making it easy to pull a hankie out one at the time. The 15 flannel hankies are white with pink flowers.

The glass jar is a 32 oz jar, approximately 6" x 3"
Each flannel hankie is approximately 8" x 8"