Peach Gingham - Travel Hankie Set

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Travel Hankie Set - Includes Travel Hankie Pouch and a set of 5 flannel hankies.

The travel hankie set is a great alternative to single use travel-sized tissue sets. Instead of throwing them away, you rewash and reuse! Each Travel Hankie Pouch comfortably fits 5 reusable hankies. 

The Travel Hankie Pouch is made from cotton canvas with a peach gingham print. It's heavier duty than normal quilter's cotton and is great for throwing into your bag or pocket when on the go. The five flannel hankies are solid peach.



Travel Hankie Pouch is approximately 5" x 3.5"
Each flannel hankie is approximately 8" x 8"


Resparked Designs strives to make products to encourage sustainability and to promote reducing waste. This means also reducing our own textile waste when making our items. We do this by using upcycled fabric for some of our products. Upcycled fabric is often sourced from thrifted fabric goods as well as vintage fabrics. Thank you for your support!