Light Pink Solid - Paperless Kitchen Towels

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Paperless Kitchen Towels in solid light pink. Purchase them in sets of 6 or opt for a full roll (24 count) where it will come pre-rolled for you on an upcycled cardboard tube.

Single-ply kitchen towels are a great alternative for those wanting the same feeling of lightweight paper towels.

These single-ply flannel towels can be rolled into a tube and placed in a paper towel holder just like your typical one-time use paper towel roll - only these are meant to be used and washed over and over again to prevent kitchen paper waste. Or you can fold them and place them in a basket on your kitchen counter for easy access. Either way, these absorbent and easy-to-use Paperless Towels are light and accessible. Great for wiping down spills or using in place of a napkin.



Flannel has not been prewashed and will shrink after the first couple washes while also getting more fluffy and absorbent over time. Each Paperless Kitchen Towel is approximately 12" x 10" - roughly the size of a full sized conventional paper towel. Since these have been hand cut and sewn individually, there may be slight differentiation in each one.

Paperless Towels are made with a single layer of cotton flannel. These DO NOT have snaps.